Friday, 4 January 2013

Haircare Fail!

If you have thick hair (like I do) I'm sure you will have already tried out many leave in conditioners, conditioning treatments and detangling sprays as there is no greater chore than washing and drying your hair when its massively thick and tangly. I've tried out many 'good products' in my time but none have made jump with joy and so my search for the perfect conditioning treatment continues...

Just before Christmas I bought the TONI & GUY Rapid Response Leave in Conditioner, I would consider Toni & Guy as a high end, luxury hair salon and would therefore give their products the same label but I was sadly mistaken and regrettably I don't have one good thing to say about this product!

One pump of this product disperses such a small amount of product that for it to have any effect in my hair (or so I thought) I needed about 5 or 6 pumps of the stuff! The texture of the product is very very heavy and sticky, so much so that I left a pump on my hand for about 20 minutes while I blow dried my hair and that pump of product did not move the entire time, it did not run, it did not drip, NOTHING - and I had just put this in my hair  - eugh!!

It did not make my hair easier to comb through, in fact quite the opposite it made it more tangly and the texture of my hair once it was blow dried was very frizzy, matted and there was no shine in it whatsoever! Moral of the story I will not be repurchasing this stuff, I wouldn't even use it again if I got given a bucket load for free! Back to the hair care isle I go....

BotN xx

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