Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Products of 2012 - Tanning

The more you get to know me the more it will become obvious that I love my tan, I always have and I expect I always will. So naturally (or more like un-naturally!) tanning is something I take very seriously, I've never been a sunbed kinda girl and therefore always reach for the bottle to achieve that golden glow.  I've tried out many different tans over my short life so far so it may surprise you that for such a tanning freak like me my favourite tanning product of 2012 is budget buys!

Garnier Summerbody Moisturising Lotion in 'Deep Sun kissed Look' is my go to tan of the year and probably will be for years to come!

I've tried out many of these gradual moisturiser tan lotions (Dove, Johnston's etc..) and this is definitely the best of the best. On a general basis I apply this tan every other day after I have showered, I'll simply rub it in the top half of my body (arms, chest & neck) go and blow dry my hair or whatever else I need to do, get dressed and off I pop. There's no waiting about for it to dry, no overpowering smell which means you can leave the house and it develops over a few hours. If I have something going on at the weekend or an event to go to I'll apply this stuff everyday for a few days leading up to it and you really can achieve a gorgeous deep tan (which isn't orange in the slightest hooray!). Another thing which makes this product amazing is the fact that it doesn't fade like a patchy horrendous mess, in fact quite the opposite it actually fades like a real tan, so real in fact that sometimes I think 'Oh I can get away with not putting it on today...and the next day...and the next day and before I know it I'm back to my pasty self *sighs*.

Even better news is that this product retails for only £5.29 in Boots and lasts for an age! Yippee!

BotN xx

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