Monday, 31 December 2012

Products of 2012 - Lips


2012 was definitely the year I discovered the coloured lip....well maybe not discovered more like was brave enough to wear one! Since that fateful day when I first left the house with a bold lip colour I've been like a kid in a candy shop spending endless hours at make up counters swatching lots of different colours and expanding my lipstick collection. Now I have a nice little collection and don't think twice about wearing a bold colour day or night but there definitely is one colour that has stood out from all the rest, my 'go to' coloured lipstick and that my friends is MAC Girl About Town. I find that it is just such a beautiful colour that really gives a  fun pop colour to any make up look. Granted it does look bright and scary in the bullet however it translates so beautifully on the lips, if your thinking about trying out a coloured lip and are not sure give this one a try - it was the very first one I bought and it has literally changed my life (maybe a bit dramatic but you know what I mean!)


If a coloured lip is not your cup of tea and you prefer more of a neutral lip then this next product is definitely for you. Clairns Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector is a product that I had heard alot about and finally caved in 2012 and I'm so happy I did. I wear this lipgloss (if you can even call it that as when I think of lipgloss I think sticky, shiny mess however this brakes the mould!) everyday! Its such an easy lipgloss to apply and is not sticky in the slightest, it comes in three shades pink, peach or nude (I have the nude one) however there is only a tiny hint of colour in them overall they are sheer and colourless. I don't know the science behind this product or how it does what it does but it seems to just draw light to your lips making them look shiny, full and oh so healthy!

BotN xx

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