Saturday, 29 December 2012

Disappointing Products :(


Not one for negativity but when you use your hard earned cash to buy beauty products that promise to deliver a certain result which they end up not to do then your allowed a little rant, right?

The first product I want to talk about is the much hyped Maybelline 'FIT ME' foundation, after hearing many on line beauty gurus and seeing the endless TV, magazine, in store adverts that Maybelline put out there for this foundation I had high hopes...very high hopes. I couldn't get to Boots quick enough to purchase this foundation, I was so excited to use it in my make up regime the next day and all I got was disappointment. After swatching on my hand in store I went for the shade 220 which the Maybelline guide showed was suitable for medium skin tone, it seemed perfect when swatched, almost too good to be true (and it was!!). Upon using it that evening with a buffing brush I found the colour was much too yellow for me, like scarily simpsons yellow but I prevailed with my concealer and powder hoping the tone it down a bit. Eventually after careful application of other products the make up did look suitable enough for me to leave the house! Barely had I arrived at my destination (a mere 20 minutes in the car) had my faced shined up like and looked like I had poured a bucket of baby oil over my face, not a good look I'm sure you would agree.

However I decided to give it another chance so another application and another outing with the FIT ME foundation with extra powder on top this time to stop me shining up! I think I wore this foundation for around 3/4 hours on the second occasion without any touch ups throughout the day and when I returned home and examined my face I looked as though I wasn't wearing any foundation at all it had just evaporated off my face - not something I look for in my foundation. The moral of the story....I wont be repurchasing or even using this foundation again, I think there are much better high street alternatives out there that are worth a try including Rimmel Wake Me Up and Revlon Colourstay to name a few.

The second item on my list of disappointing products are two 'KHOL' eyeliners from Sleek and Barry M. Being big fans of both these brands I was saddened by these items. Green Ivy (124) from Sleek is a gorgeous bottle green colour which swatches lovely on skin, however trying to get a colour pay off from this on your waterline is near impossible. 'Bold Bronze' (7) from Barry M is labelled as a waterproof eyeliner however it's actually a just a big bold nothing, there is no colour pay off what so ever and the 'pencil' simply melts straight away when on contact with skin it's crazy!! Even though the price points for both these items are extremely low I will never repurchase either unless there is a formulation change!

The third product to disappoint me lately was Collection 2000 (or Collection as it is now known) SkyScraper Mascara. Again this was a YouTube purchase as many gurus recommended it as a good dupe for many high end mascaras. There is nothing overally wrong with this product, it puts the product on your lashes as it should however with a name like 'SkySraper' I was expecting to see more of a dramatic difference in the volume, length of my lashes after application and sadly this did not happen. The brush is also an unusual shape with long brushes at one side and short on the other and quite frankly I found this difficult to work with and difficult to apply!

The final disappointing product on my list may come as a surprise to many of you and it is MAC blushers, not a certain one, just all of them in general. I find that I get very little colour pay off from these blushers and i often end up applying to much as they show little pigmentation on my skin. I have tried a few different blushes from MAC and even tried changing the brush that I apply it with but still nothing. Does anyone else have this problem with MAC blushes?

Anyway rant over and I will return to positivity in my next post...promise!


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