Saturday, 29 December 2012

Products of 2012 - Mascara

It's not often I use a make up product and actually say 'wow' out loud  but that is exactly what happened the first time I used this mascara, L'Oreal Last Architect 4D. I stumbled upon this beauty diamond  purely by mistake when I went home for the weekend and forgot my previous mascara, I ran to my local supermarket and without any research purchased it on an impulse. When I returned home to complete my make up I was stunned by the results and gasped as I applied in the mirror.

I have naturally short eyelashes and have never been too fussed about trying to make them look any better as I was always under the impression that there wasn't much hope, until now. The formula didn't irritate my eyes (always a winner), it fanned my eyelashes out evenly and beautifully and also somehow made them look longer and more volumised! No other mascara has ever had such a big impact on my eyelashes before! I use this on both top and bottom lashes without any smudging or drop down throughout the day!

I only use black mascara, simply because I like the dramatic effect however the 4D is also available in brown for those who like the softer look! It retails for £10.99 so won't break the bank and definitely something I am taking into 2013!!!

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