Saturday, 29 December 2012

Products of 2012 - Foundation

In honour of the upcoming New Year I'm going review my favourite products of 2012 - starting today with foundation!  Every beauty lover has a weakness for one product and mine is definitely foundation. I have tried out so many foundations during my short time on this earth as I am craving to achieve the perfect flawless base!

Well search no more as 2012 was the year I met my match - Estee Lauder Double Wear.

What do I look for in foundations I hear you ask? First and foremost I want medium build able coverage, I have relatively good skin but I like to feel like I'm wearing make up therefore any foundation I'm going to love has to give me at least medium coverage. I also want amazing staying power as in my job I can work long days and I'm often on the go so I want to have to stop as little as possible to 'top up'. Currently I like a matte or demi matte appearance (I prefer to go matte with my foundation then add the 'dewy' affect with other products!). The good news is that Double Wear ticks all these boxes!!! I have tried out a large number of foundations both high street and high end and I have never witnessed the staying power that DW has - it's really incredible!

Before I purchased this foundation I had heard a lot of mixed reviews from my friends that they had experienced bad breakouts with use of this product however I have not experienced any issues with my skin. I think the key to avoiding breakouts with any foundation is simple - have a good skin care routine to remove make up at the end of the day (say goodbye to babywipes as they will not shift this stuff!). To apply I use a buffing brush and it really does give a completely flawless base!

DW has a huge colour range so there will be one to suit all skin tones and colours. I must say Estee Lauder really are excellent at colour matching you to your perfect shade and they aren't shy with the samples either as they give away a free 10 day sample of the foundation they match you to so you can really give it a good go before you buy!

If you haven't already get yourself down to your local Estee Lauder counter and give it a try!

Lots of Love,

BOTN xxx

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