Wednesday, 9 July 2014

5-A-DAY obsession

One thing I am pretty obsessed with at the minute is making sure me and my family get our recommended 5-A-Day intake of fruit and veggies, boring i know but it comes from the fact that I can see the massive impact these foods can have on our bodies and appearance. Sometimes when I'm standing in the kitchen prepping dinner at night I'll gasp with horror and realisation that I haven’t eaten any fruit or vegetables that day and not only does the guilt make me feel horrible but the lack of vitamins and minerals inside me makes my whole body from the inside out feel dull and sluggish. When it’s that time of the week / month when we're due to do a food shop I naturally run low of fruit and veggies, as any one will know these foods do not keep long and need replenished often, and frankly if you don't have endless amounts of money or time to keep running to your local Sainsbury’s it can fall off my radar to go buy more. A few weeks ago we had a few days where we had no fresh fruit in the house (middle class problem I know!) and I cannot explain the effect this had on me, every time I was applying makeup or moisturiser my skin literally looked so grey, dull and life-less. I felt unhealthy on the inside which automatically put me in a foul mood for these few days and I did not want to get dressed up or go out anywhere as I just felt, well, awful.

So after vouching to never feel like that again I have been on a rampage to spend more money on fruit and veggies, replenish them every week and keep a note of how may portions I'm eating in a day. 
When I ask people 'how many of your 5-a-day do you eat on a daily basis' and the answer is 'none / zero / nil' quite frankly a little bit of me dies inside because it's actually SO easy it is to meet you 5-a-day target! One portion of F&V is defined as being 80g so we only need to eat 80g of the stuff to be able to say we've had one of our 5-a-day! If I was to ask you how many strawberries you would need from a punnet in order to have 'one portion' of fruit the answers would range from the whole punnet, half the punnet  or maybe even two punnets. So this morning I had a little experiment exactly how many strawberries do I eat to eat for one portion, the answer.........THREE! 

Three. Little. Strawberries and I had consumed one portion of my 5 -a- day! Just goes to show how little fruit we actually have to consume to meet this target! So no more excuses join me in trying to increase our F&V consumption today!! Horrrrahhh! 

 BotN xx


  1. I really love your posts !!! What they are about and how you´ve written them I don´t know ... I feel like I could write the same cause I feel the same :D ,well done posts and great layout ,I enjoy your blog ♥
    lots of love ♥♥♥

  2. I can't go a day without fruit! Have to have a mango atleast 4 times a week + other fruits. I think mangos are well underrated, they have a ton of benefits plus you can buy them while some of them are still unripe, this way u have a few to eat in the next few days and some for the end of the week.
    Eating fruit has definitely helped my skin clear out so much.

    Doris from xx